Children and young people often ask questions that are challenging, to which there are no easy answers. Philosophical enquiry can empower people of all ages with the skills and confidence to pursue answers to these questions.

We are experienced philosopher-educators who support schools and community groups in developing a philosophical approach to teaching and learning.

We provide creative, bespoke packages that are always designed to suit your needs.

  • lead activities for small groups, classes, and year groups
  • train teachers and group leads
  • provide ongoing support and resources 

Working across the North West, and based in Lancaster, Cumbria and Wirral, we support schools and colleges in establishing philosophical practice across the curriculum, and we work with community groups to explore ways in which philosophical practice can support their aims. We introduce children, young people, and others in the wider community to a philosophical approach, using a range of methods to facilitate collaborative enquiry into difficult questions. We enable groups to work together to challenge first thoughts about ideas and values, by creating a supportive and mutually respectful environment where all suggestions can be the subject of reasoned discussion. We discourage dogma; we give all individuals the tools and courage to air their second (and further!) thoughts.

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