We can work with teachers individually or in groups to provide training in philosophical work with school students. We work with teachers of all levels of experience, from those completely new to a philosophical approach, to those wishing to develop existing skills or wanting practical guidance in successfully embedding philosophical methods following P4C training. We provide ongoing support through shareable resources, consultancy packages and/or refresher events, and can design a bespoke package to suit the needs of your teachers and students, and the limits of your budget.

Examples of training include but are not limited to:
  • twilight sessions, providing a basic introduction to how a philosophical approach can enhance teaching. Teachers will participate in a short activity whilst also being given the chance to explore how philosophical methods apply to their own subject area;
  • half- or full-day INSET on a range of topics;
  • Half- or full-term in-classroom coaching through weekly guided sessions;
  • A bespoke ‘philosopher in residence’ package to provide creative support, coaching and ideas that will successfully embed philosophical enquiry across your institution.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE INVOLVED IN AN INNOVATIVE PILOT PROGRAMME? Are you a school or college in the North West? Then please read on…
Building on many years of shared experience as philosophy educators in ethics and practical philosophy, we are seeking schools to participate in a pilot project which will provide INSET on ‘British Values’ and values education. This training will enable all subject teachers in your school or college to engage with the requirement to promote ‘British Values’, acknowledging that many find this requirement both controversial and challenging. The half-day training will enable all individuals to explore the conceptual underpinnings of the four ‘British Values’ that the Department for Education stipulates all schools must promote. Through this guided exploration, teachers will be given practical guidance in  developing an approach to their own teaching which leaves them able  to fulfil this requirement confidently and with integrity. The full day event will spend the afternoon looking in more depth at so-called British Values and any other values embedded in the school’s charter; teachers will reflect on what they might mean for their own teaching practice, and they will also sample a range of methods  that they can take into their classroom to interrogate controversial issues around values with their own pupils.

Pilot activities will be offered at a fraction of their anticipated costs to the school; please get in touch if you are interested via secondthoughtsp4c@gmail.com