Recent research has demonstrated that doing certain types of philosophical enquiry (P4C) with children in addition to their regular curriculum can enhance their achievement in literacy and numeracy, especially for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, and it can also have many non-cognitive benefits, such as improving confidence and articulacy. Our range of approaches to philosophical enquiry can be applied to almost any curriculum area. Our methods can provide a welcome break from regimen of the ordinary curriculum, whilst at the same time developing the crucial communication skills and critical outlook that will actively enhance particpants’ educational experience across all subjects.

Philosophical investigation enables participants to confront and contemplate the diverse challenges that characterise life in the 21st century  It encourages a spirit of curiosity and critical engagement, and provides participants with a safe space in which to sit with questions that are often both troubling and hard to solve. As such, philosophy nurtures a disposition to learn, and a willingness to embrace difficulty, that is in and of itself valuable.

Philosophy can be utilized effectively to support delivery of many areas of the curriculum;

  • stretch and challenge all learners through a dialogic approach;
  • provide in-depth and challenging engagement across all aspects of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development (SMSC), and take a reflective approach to so-called ‘British values’;
  • the intrinsically open-minded and democratic nature of philosophical enquiry makes it especially well-suited to addressing all forms of ‘extremism’, and supporting delivery of activities that support the Prevent duty;
  • explore Citizenship topics;
  • support cognitive and emotional development of the whole pupil in Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE);
  • develop critical thinking for all ages;
  • support the Extended Project Qualification, and prepare all KS5 students for university-level study;
  • provide in-depth exploration of issues raised by almost any curriculum subject;
  • and of course, activities can be delivered as part of Religious Studies and Philosophy lessons.

Activities can be developed and adjusted to suit all age groups and needs; for more information on how we target activities to specific age groups, please explore the links below.