Philosophy expands minds! Doing philosophy together develops communication, comprehension and reasoning skills, through collaborative exploration of difficult questions… What makes an action right or wrong? What can we really know? What is a person? What constitutes a life well lived? What rights do people have, and do they apply to other creatures? Can computers think? Do we have a duty to conserve the planet?

Philosophy asks us to confront all ideas with reason and understanding. The process of enquiry involves responding to ideas critically, but with care and respect. Doing philosophy together develops mutual understanding and appreciation of different perspectives; it encourages us to take responsibility for our opinions and actions, and demands that we follow through and acknowledge their consequences.

We give participants an enjoyable but challenging experience of collaborative reflection and discussion, so that they can develop their own ideas, and reach their own conclusions, whilst appreciating the views of others. Importantly, the supportive environment that we create ensures that participants are free to change their own minds – to have doubts, and to think differently.